General Description of the Signs

The emphasis is on GENERAL DESCRIPTION. So much depends on the relationship and blending of aspects between the signs and houses and planets, that a valid picture of a chart can’t be seen by a simple description. However by looking at a chart, a clearer picture of the individual and his/her traits and circumstances can be determined.


The fastest sign of the zodiac. They are impulsive and courageous The color for Aries is red and the ruler is Mars. It is a fire sign. Aries is the first sign and represents beginnings. They are good at starting things and not so great at finishing them. They are often attracted to the military or regimented areas of work. They are strong and passionate. It is a cardinal sign, which is self motivated and active. Aries rules the head. Sinus problems can be an issue for Aries people. The sign can be aggressive and overbearing, too active and impulsive and arrogant, but they also get things done and are courageous, active, and purposeful.



Taurus is a practical, sensuous sign. It represents the second house of money and possessions. The ruler is Venus and the color is green. It is the first earth sign, They are slower to react to change as it is also a fixed sign. They are practical and down to earth. They are security minded and often concerned with finances. There are large numbers of them working in banks or other financial areas. They can be persistent in their opinions and averse to change, as it is a fixed, stable sign. Taurus rules the throat and those with musical interests, especially singing. Musicians often have prominent Taurus in their birth chart. Taurus people can be stodgy and overly conventional. They can also be strong stable and enduring.



Gemini is ruled by Mercury and is an intellectual sign They are curious people and good communicators. They can enjoy reading, writing and expressing ideas. It is an air sign. The color associated with Gemini is yellow, or various colors as they will also see many ideas and consider many options to a situation. They are generally talkers. It is a mutable, changeable sign. Gemini rules the lungs, hands and wrists.



Cancer is an emotional water sign which makes its people sensitive to others. It is known as the moon sign. The color being the look of the full moon at night. It is another cardinal sign and rules the home and especially the kitchen and hearth. Cancers are concerned with family and security. My grandmother was a cancer, she was a very comforting person, and said that her wealth was the items she had under the sink for cleaning. Showing her home centeredness. Cancers frequently live a long life. As a water sign they can retain fluid and gain weight. Cancer rules the breasts and stomach.They make great gardeners, real estate agents, restaurant workers and chefs.



Leos are the royalty of the zodiac. They are a fixed fire sign ruled by the sun. Who doesn’t like to be in the solar rays? They are kind generous and protective of others. They make good bosses and can keep employees content. They are very creative people, and can be self centered but usually have many friends and love romance and courtship. They usually stand out in some way, either quietly or more noticeably. Leos like glitter and gold. Leo rules the heart and can bring cardiac issues depending on the aspects from other planets. They are frequently involved with children and can be attracted to creative endeavors and acting.



The most maligned sign of the zodiac with the possible exceptions of Scorpio and Pisces. There are more Virgos than any other sign. Maybe due to all those New Year’s Eve parties. They are the workers of the zodiac, and their focus is to bring order out of chaos. Which, from a critical Virgo point of view, some of the other signs can cause plenty of. (Oops, my Virgo daughter just pointed out that I ended a sentence with a preposition!) They can be critical. This is a mutable earth sign. The planetary ruler is Mercury, which in Virgo is drawn to detail and organization. They make good editors, nurses, doctors, mechanics and accountants. Virgo is an intelligent, practical sign. Virgo’s colors are blues and violets. Mr. Spock may have been a Virgo.



Libras are the charmers of the zodiac. They are ruled by Venus and wish to bring harmony to any situation. They will see all sides of a situation and are good at negotiating and being diplomatic so as not to hurt others feelings. They can go to extremes as the sign has to do with learning balance. They usually have a sense of art and design and can harmonize surroundings as well as relationships. Libra is a very social sign and relationships are important to them. This is a cardinal air sign. They are drawn to the pastel colors. Since they can see both sides of a situation it is sometimes hard to make a decision, and they can be indecisive.



In the middle ages before the discovery of the outer planets the sign was ruled by red Mars. Its modern ruler is Pluto the outermost planet so far, (if it really is a planet, there are various theories). They are perhaps the strongest sign. They can see and understand others flaws and get to the bottom of any issue quickly. They make excellent surgeons and money managers. They, like their opposite sign Taurus, are the most money minded sign, with the possible exception of Capricorn. The sign is connected with other peoples money, death and taxes. Scorpio rules the sexual feelings and the sex organs. The relation to Pluto is partially due to this planet’s hidden, far away aspect. This is a fixed water sign. There is the story of the four scorpio levels. The scorpion who stings, the scorpion snake who slithers away, the higher level eagle and the transformed scorpio who dies and out of the ashes is transformed into the mythic, powerful Phoenix. They are proud, private people.



In the next life I want to be one of these. The sign is ruled by Jupiter the greater benefic. Jupiter is lucky, Sagittarius people are lucky. They frequently travel long distances to other lands, and have many friends. It has been said that if they fall off a cart they will land in a bed of rose petals. There are many sagittarius lawyers and judges. It is easy for them to climb cooperate ladders as they are friendly and outgoing and well, people like them. Since they are Jupiter ruled they usually have money. They are also frequently athletic and interested in politics. Sagittarius rules the thighs and growth. It is a mutable fire sign. It is usually a tall sign. The color is royal purple.



This sign is ruled by Saturn the task master. Its colors are grey, dark brown and black. It is the business executive sign, it rules career and reputation. This sign rules the bones, skin and teeth. It is involved with teaching discipline and maturity. It is Saturn who brings the lessons we all have to learn. Saturn people can, with sure feet, climb the rock mountains of life like their animal ruler the goat. They are a conservative, serious cardinal earth sign concerned with discipline, focus and the endurance needed to achieve a goal. Well aspected, the sign will do what it takes to get to the top. They are business oriented and can be found quietly, conservatively running organizations.



The least understood sign, ruled by Saturn and the new ruler since its discovery in 1731 (or shortly there after, when astrologers got around to deciding to use it for Aquarius), Uranus. The sign has an unpredictable quality given by Uranus. They are frequently future oriented and interested in new discoveries and original ideas. It’s the sign most associated with astrologers. They are avant guard people who are not necessarily bound by the conventions of society. The sign rules computers and electricity and advanced forms of technology. Sometimes they can be downright weird even to another Aquarius. There are so many ways for them to step to the tune of a different drummer. It is a fixed air sign. The sign rules the lower legs and ankles. The colors are iridescent blue and purple.



The most wonderful thing about Pisces is their ability to access the learning of all the other signs and integrate it into themselves. They are the most psychic of all the signs and have a malleable quality that helps them fit into what ever area of life they wish. They can be mystical, concerned with religion, spirituality and otherworldliness. They can become priests, nuns or religious of various kinds due to their almost ability to contact other levels of existence. The sign can be nebulous, vague and dependent on others to lead them, The old ruler is Jupiter, but not as strongly as their luckier cousin Sagittarius because of their 12th house position. The modern ruler Neptune is connected more with vagueness, fog and lack of clarity, but it is also the ruler of beautiful etheric visions, angels and high spiritual beings and concepts. This is a mutable water sign. The colors associated with Pisces are the light pearlescent colors of pink, blue, green and teal.

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