The planets are the celestial bodies that revolve around the sun. They each have characteristics given them by ancient and modern astrologers, who have seen their influences on earth. The earth is a planet also, but here we are discussing the way the other planets in the solar system affect us on earth. There are also astrological theories about how the planets influence us at different places on earth.


Some say the sun is the most important planet. it has a big influence on ones personality and motivation. It can be deeply colored by other planets, but like the sun in the sky radiating on the earth, it is essential to life, and to how one sees the world and interacts in it. The sun does have a more significant influence on ones life than the other planets, unless there are other factors to mitigate its influence.



The moon rules emotions and how we feel about the experiences we have. The moon governs how we react subconsciously. Some say it is as important as the sun in its influence on a persons life. It colors the sun sign significantly with its emotional reaction and approach to conditions. The moon governs the tides and has various phases.



Mercury is the communication factor. It’s realm is ideas and their expression. It rules writing, traveling short distances and transportation, especially on the ground. In Gemini it focuses on communication factors and in Virgo mathematics, fine detail and discernment. Mercury is the greek god symbolizing the fast, quicksilver messenger god who has winged feet for quick results. The famous mercury retrograde slows him down a bit.



People think of Venus as having to do with love affairs but it is much more, as it is our attraction factor for both resources and relationships. It affects how we build our secure foundation. It also has to do with how we experience social, financial and artistic experiences. It is considered a benefic or positively useful planet as it brings resources and positive emotional experiences when well aspected.



Mars is our energy planet. It is our ‘get up and go’ force. It is usually strongly positioned and aspected in charts of athletes and soldiers. Mars can also be rash, aggressive, angry and war like, as in martial arts. It’s entrance into new signs or houses can correspond with changes in physical energy. It is especially important in physical matters. it governs exercise, and can be found at the gym.



My favorite planet when well aspected. (I’ll discuss the aspects next.) The greater benefic, it is the largest planet in the solar system. We may someday be living on its moons. Maybe some already are. Jupiter brings good luck and money. It has an expansive nature, and when it’s good it brings protection, riches, traveling, positive experiences and happiness.



You gotta respect Saturn. He is the teacher. If you are minding your lessons he doesn’t bother you as much, but if you slack off, beware the teacher. You will find yourself repeating experiences, doing it over and over again until you get it right. He is not usually vindictive but will keep you task oriented until the lesson is learned.



The unpredictable one. Sometimes great, sometimes terrible. It is the disrupting force that throws a lightning bolt at the stodgy, established ways of doing things. It is rules new discoveries, which are frequently kept from the masses, in order to protect the elite until Uranus aspects appear on the horizon. It is the unexpected force that brings about unforeseen change.



The planet of illusion. It is hard to distinguish fantasy from reality. What is really true. It’s like driving through a thick fog, not really knowing what’s ahead. Undiscovered secrets and deception are in Neptune’s realm. Escapism, drugs and alcohol are neptunian in nature. It is also the planet of connection with the divine, psychic experience and spiritual endeavors. It’s hard to tell which is which.



The disruptor planet. It’s amazing how a planet so small, distant and far away can have such an influence. It is like Uranus only with more bombs. It rules explosions, sex, money, death and the resulting path to new beginnings. Along with finances, it seeks power and control over others. When all the old is washed away, a new beginning, good or not, depends on aspects to this planet.