Monthly Astro Musings

October 2019.

Lovely Libra.

The sun is making its autumn transition from Libra to Scorpio. Mercury and Venus are changing to Scorpio on the 3rd and the 8th, respectively. This transition will bring a change from artistic and airy love and kisses to practical money issues and transformation. Love matters will be centered more on sex than romance. Communication will be more about money, transformation and sometimes death. Pluto in Capricorn is going direct on the 3rd adding an extra kick to its energy output. It will be making sextiles to the Scorpio planets which will increase their energy. It is a powerful time of year. The brilliant lovely colors of the autumn leaves wither and die. But bare bones Scorpio takes things to their smallest possible common denominator. Jupiter still is in its own sign of Sagittarius where it is ultra-strong and works well with other the other planets. It sextiles the Libra planets (Sun and Mars) and semi sextiles Venus in Scorpio and Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. Mars in Libra this month can be distractible and not too interested in working. Towards the end of the month with the Mars square to Saturn, which is strong in its own sign, there may be unwanted work and having to tow the mark, when all you want to do is play, write love poetry and look at art. It’s not all airy fairy though with 3 planets in Scorpio until after the 20th. There may be hidden money secrets especially with a strong Jupiter in the mix. These planets look good for money matters except for the Mars square to Saturn and recently direct Pluto which could have the opposite effect. There is also the little issue of Jupiter square Neptune, which is strong in its own sign, and could bring miscalculations in investments due to over optimism, so be careful. With Mars square Saturn and Pluto, and Jupiter square Neptune don’t let over optimism and confusion bring financial follies. Use Mercury in Scorpio all month to exercise clear, realistic thinking. Be especially cautious before mid- month when Venus and Mercury will be opposite Uranus in Taurus causing unpredictable experiences. I will be monitoring these transiting planets to see how they affect the stock market and the political scene. See you in November.

See you in November.

September 2019.

Practical Virgo.

The autumn leaves start turning colors. Of course the hues don’t change a lot until the sun goes into Libra where the autumn leaves create such beautiful colors but that’s toward the end of the month and into October. With the sun in Virgo, the kids are back at school being bookish little Virgos. Mercury, planet of words and numbers is in charge, (Virgos wonder why the rest of us don’t figure things out as quickly as they do). It’s that time of year when the fun is put aside and it’s time to get on with having purpose and meaning. The Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars are all traveling together in Virgo, which is an unusual stellium (group of planets in the same sign or house).

It is a really good time for earth and water signs. However, Jupiter is squaring these planets, in the middle degrees of Sagittarius, so reevaluate any decisions made that have to do with being over the top or too much of a good thing. Mercury and Venus will attend to the details and be work and detail oriented. Mars will give the energy to get the job done. Plans and activities should go well early in the month with a trine of those planets to Uranus in early Taurus. This can give possible unexpected positive money and relationship happenings. Events go according to plan and work well especially with the stellium, positively aspecting to Saturn and Pluto around mid month after the Jupiter Square is complete. Since most of the planets are involved in positive aspects the influence of Jupiter may be slightly less.

A little after mid month Mercury and Venus change signs to Libra which is Venus’s sign. The autumn leaves don’t really go into full glory until the sun goes into beautiful artistic colorful Libra after the 22nd. At the end of the month Venus and Mercury will square Saturn and Pluto which could bring disruptions at home and on the political scene.

Anger could boil over at restrictions later in the month so keep your cool. If you plan to start anything, like having a special date or going on a job interview, and you have a good amount of earth and water your chart, the first two weeks is a good time for you.The best times should be when the Moon is also in earth and water signs with the possible exception of Pisces. Pisces opposes all the Virgo planets but even that has a sextile to Saturn and Pluto so you’re good. Air and fire signs will be featured after the middle of the month when the Sun, Mercury and Venus go into the air sign Libra. People will be working on balancing emotions and relationships. After the 15th of September, Venus is in Libra, its own sign, where it has a lot of power. Those with Venus here are usually social, charming and artistic. They will have positive energy from this planet which can bring help to relationships, finances and artistic endeavors. But around the end of the month caution is advised due to the square from Venus and Mercury to Saturn and Pluto. Make future plans around the beginning of the month for the best results.

See you in October.

August 2019.

Creative Leo.

Here we are in August, the sun in Leo. Its hot, the sun in its glory here in the northern hemisphere. I love it when the sunflowers come out this time of year. So big and beautiful. Some places here in the California valleys there are huge fields of them all looking towards the sun.

Right now with the sun in Leo and joined by Venus and Mars, its quite the solar array. Time for fun and good for children. Isn’t the price of gold (ruled by the sun especially in its own sign of Leo) going up? Speculation and the stock market too is up, all ruled by Leo. Optimism is high with these aspects. Of course for earth signs there are the planets in Capricorn and when the moon goes into earth signs it’s a positive time. When the sun goes into Virgo around the 22nd the earth signs and water signs are favored again. Saturn in its own sign of Capricorn gets the work done and when joined by Pluto can bring big changes to the planet. In January 2020 the Sun, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto are all in Capricorn. With Jupiter there there could be good happenings when the moon is in earth and water signs, but when the moon makes squares, we may hear about upheavals personally and in the news that could be well, explosive. In April, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto will square the sun, which will have moved into Aries. Venus will move out of her sign Taurus into Gemini where she will not give as much support to Saturn and Pluto. Politics and world events will be interesting to watch to see what happens.

I am lucky enough to go to NY at the end of the month, when my new web site will go up. The planets are good at that time for me. I will be attending the astro conference in Baltimore, which is taking advantage of the same planetary conditions I see. I shall learn more there and will keep you informed via this blurb of all the happenings I see in the stars.

See you in September.