The way the planets, houses and signs relate to each other depends on where they are in the circle of the zodiac and their interaction with each other. There are many aspects, both major and minor, depending on how detailed one gets. The closer the planets are to exact in aspect, the stronger the influence.


Planets are conjunct when they are in the same degree, house and sign as each other. This brings strength to the aspect and emphasizes the two or more planets, what house and sign they are in, and how they relate to other planets in the chart.



This is the pulling apart aspect that creates energy like the full moon when the moon and sun are in opposite signs. It can bring things to a head, so if something was not seen before this aspect it can be brought out during an opposition. It creates a magnetic pull with energy going back and forth between the planets. It can be more positive if trines and sextiles to other planets are involved and can create a powerhouse and/or challenges if there are squares to the opposition. Oppositions are directly across from one another in the circle of the zodiac.


TRINES 120 Degrees

The energy between the planets usually flows easily and graciously. The trines are in the elements of air, earth, fire and/or water and will bring positive influences to the area of the trine. The aspect is one third of the circle of the zodiac. Air trines favor communication, artistic endeavors and creative thinking. Fire trines favor inspiration and action to achieve results, Earth trines favor gaining stability, and water trines can increase intuitive and psychic abilities. As with all aspects so much depends on the placement of the planets in the houses.


SEXTILES 60 Degrees

With the exception of trines, sextiles are everyones favorite aspect. They bring more energy to the aspect than a trine, and are generally pleasant to experience. They can be part of other good aspects found with oppositions and grand sextiles which include trines. They bring good luck and positive energy.


SQUARES 90 Degrees

Squares bring up obstacles and challenges that are experienced, either in effort by the universe to cleanse and realign, or to discard old ways of doing things to create better outcomes. A square can be like hitting a brick wall. We have to figure out a way around the issue. This can be challenging. Squares are our teachers, but mostly we don’t like them. When they arrive by transit or progression, some people just stay under the bed until the square is over. The more mature way to deal with them is to face them intelligently and work towards solving the problem the square presents. Some astrologers use them as power influencers, as people with squares in their charts, if handled correctly, can have great power and influence over others.

There are as many aspects as there are ways to divide a circle of 360 degrees. Further delineation will be discussed in individual readings.

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