Art and beauty are so important to me. I look for colors within colors. When I lived in Santa Barbara I would drive out to the beach at sunset and watch the colors of the setting sun on the water. There is one color in particular that was so intriguing to me. I loved to watch how nature did the peaches and turquoise colors against the blue of the water and the orange of the setting sun. So lovely. I love to see the spectrum in crystals. I’ve placed different lights around crystals to see the effects of the slanting rays as they burst into a spectrum. I love to take pictures of beautiful scenes and enhance them in photography. I sometimes use them as an idea for a painting. I like pouring art because it is a lovely surprise to see how the paints mix to show a design. Sometimes they turn out and sometimes they don’t. The challenge is getting them to show the colors intended to create awe and beauty. I experiment with alcohol inks and love to see the colors blend. I also like to see the effects of gold, silver and other metallics in art. I have been drawing for many years and have many designs I have created which will be included in my art portfolio.