About Diana Day

I have been interested in astrology since my mid twenties. I have an interest in predicting future events. I have hoped to create the best future for myself and others.

I became a single mother and have a lovely daughter who helps me have a better life. At the time I needed to have a stable living so with a loaded sixth house I got into the nursing field, which was not my first choice, but still, I was able to help others and make a decent living. I have an interest in psychology, how the mind works and how we make the decisions we do to create our lives. I became a psychiatric nurse and studied the different fields connected with it, including addiction and relationship issues. I have worked on becoming more psychic through the years, and am good at reading people, emotions and at times, thoughts.

I love animals and communicate quite well with my Siamese cat friend Raja. I really can tell what he wants a lot of the time. Of course his needs are simple. With the sixth house comes a love of small animals. The sixth house also is related to health care and nursing. Neptune in the sixth house of work helps with psychiatric nursing.

I have found that there is a lot of misunderstanding related with the psychiatric world and its inhabitants. This society sweeps mental illness under the rug, when really we all have psychiatric problems to some extent. Some of us have the strength to handle life in the big world and some need more help. Many providers see their patients as inferior, but I find this is not the case. We are here on the planet (the cosmic school room) to learn our lessons, some have more or less depending on what they came to the world to experience. It is one of life’s lessons to become more tolerant and less judgmental.

During most of my working life I studied astrology through books, conferences, lectures and readings. I studied mostly Western astrology, some Chinese, and a little Vedic astrology. I use western astrology because I know it the best. Recently I have become more interested creating better opportunities for myself and others through using dates and places to begin enterprises. Depending on ones chart there are better times to do things, and times that are not so good. There are also better places to live for positive results as can be shown by relocation astrology. If more money is desired, which it usually is, then positive aspects to house 2 and 8 are emphasized, or if better relationships are hoped for houses 1, 5 and 7 are emphasized. For career house 10 is important, and positive planets in that house will assist in achieving better outcomes. Of course the rest of the chart be as harmonious as possible.

I am also interested in finding our more about our parallel lives and am learning to read the Akashic records which tell us about past and future lives. I have also been studying the Flower of Life and the Merkaba.

With my nursing and counseling experience and astrological knowledge, I have developed the ability to listen and help others get to the heart of their issues. If you are interested in a reading, feel free to contact me and we can discuss your situation and how to manage it to create a happier life.