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I have been doing astrology charts most of my life, and look forward to being able to help clients with what I have learned. I have gained a lot of knowledge about Astrology through long, intensive study. I am capable of listening to and solving many of peoples problems. I am grateful to those who helped me put up this site. I hope you enjoy reading my info and watching the site change and grow. Please also see my art page as I continue to put up new works that I hope you like.


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Is Astrology Real?


The belief that astrology it is not real is held by most of western society. More young people are open to it now than they were 60 years ago. Through the ages it has been accepted at times and fallen out of favor at others times. At the present time it is almost acceptable to call ones self an astrologer.

I remember once, while working as a nurse, when I told an MD I had an interest in astrology. He stated that it was a wasted effort. Not that he thought it was a wasted effort but that it just WAS a wasted effort. More recently when I asked someone what they thought of astrology he said “it’s harmless.” So much depends on what one believes. My favorite opinion about astrology is, “It’s the work of the devil.” (He frequently gets credit for that which people don’t understand.) Some people think its bad just because that’s what they have heard from others who think so.

If one wants to study astrology it requires an open mind. Astronomy studies the composition and location of the planets and stars. Astrology ascribes meaning to each planet and star it studies.

It says that where the planets and stars are in the zodiac will affect individual and collective events. For instance, Mars, the red planet, is associated with energy, sports and war. Jupiter, the biggest planet, is associated with money and expansion. Astrology gets really Interesting when the descriptions correlate with events. It has been observed through the ages by the Orientals, Greeks, Arabs and the European philosophers from 1500 BCE (and probably long before that), that events can be foretold by observing how the planets and stars interact with each other. More of the ancient works written before the 1800’s are being translated by current astrology and linguistic scholars adding more information to the astrological data banks. The more one knows and studies this newly found information, the more accurate the prediction.

A lot of modern or ‘pop’ astrology focuses on how a person is like their sun sign. It dilutes the information of this life-long study so people think it is trite and shallow. The newspaper sign descriptions only describe one sign at a time giving an overly generalized view of astrology.
There are many different areas of study in the astrological field. The wheel of 12 divisions can be broken into countless geometric patterns that can be correlated with character traits and events.

My interest is in learning more about predictions. I have heard that the general accuracy of Astrology is about 75%. It is difficult to be completely accurate. For instance a lot of astrologers predicted that Mr. Trump would lose the presidential election. Some of the lucky ones who thought differently have been tooting their horns ever since. When ones mind is made up, events are seen to be what we want to happen rather than what the aspects really tell us will happen. The astrologer has to study the aspects without bias.

There are those who predict the stock market using astrology, and who do fairly well at it, but no one is 100% accurate. There is so much to learn from ancient and modern astrologers. With all of the new discoveries, mathematical and computer upgrades associated with astrology we have learned more but still have a long way to go in our quest of astrological knowledge.

The stars are more than pretty baubles in the sky. They can give us a lot of knowledge about ourselves, our hopes and dreams and help guide our way to more successful outcomes.


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